Arts and Cultural Heritage Tourism


**Note: This event is not currently scheduled, but this educational training can be facilitated in your community. Contact GK Callahan for more information.** 

Diversify and boost the economy

Learn how to develop Arts and Cultural Heritage Tourism initiatives. A hands-on workshop with curriculum to follow.

Workshop participants can come from a variety of fields — tourism, the arts, historic preservation, humanities, agri-business, museums, economic development, convention and visitor bureaus, community betterment, main street projects, small-business owners, heritage and natural resource areas, other fields, and coalitions formed to create new partnerships.

Studies show that heritage travelers stay longer at their destination, spend more money and tend to put money back in the communities they visit.

This innovative workshop and curriculum provides you with the knowledge and tools to increase local and regional economy through tourism initiatives that focus on the arts, culture and heritage. In this workshop:

  • Learn how the arts, culture and history can be a cornerstone for tourism and economic development.
  • Explore how arts and cultural heritage tourism can align with agri-business, eco-tourism and local foods and culinary arts.
  • Assess if arts and cultural heritage tourism is a fit for your community or region.
  • Learn how tourism focused on community arts, culture and history can contribute to community pride, stability, growth, preservation and protection of resources, and economic development in a community or region.

The focus of the workshop and curriculum is on assessing, developing, designing, implementing, managing and evaluating arts and cultural heritage tourism attractions, events or initiatives from a community standpoint.

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