Acidified Foods portion of Better Process Control School (BPCS)

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Canning salsa, pickles, and other acidified foods for sale under a Missouri food license requires specific certification. This two-day workshop is intended for supervisors of thermally processed acidified food facilities and licensed food entrepreneurs who produce acidified foods. It provides the certification required by the Acidified Foods Regulation. Please note that this does not apply to cottage food producers. Andrew Clarke, PhD., food science, University of Missouri, will lead this course:

  • Microbiology of Thermally Processed Foods
  • Principles of Acidified Foods
  • Principles of Thermal Processing
  • Principles of Food Plant Sanitation
  • Food Container Handling
  • Records and Record-keeping
  • Equipment, Instrumentation and Operation for Thermal Processing Systems
  • Closures and Packaging
  • Hands-on Practice with pH meters, record-keeping, work with Processing Authority and MDA Inspector

Registration for the course is $500 per person. Fee includes instructional materials, snacks, refreshments, and lunch.

Acidified Foods Registration Form

Registration closes March 20, 2020. For registration questions contact Jennifer Garrett at [email protected]

Dr. Andrew Clarke of the MU Food Science Program is offering the Acidified Foods portion of Better Process Control School (BPCS; March 23-24, 2020) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP; March 25-27, 2020) in Columbia, MO.   Further info regarding HACCP

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