A Matter of Balance at MU Family Impact Center

  • Jan. 17, 2020 - March 6, 2020
  • MU Family Impact Center
    105 E Ash Street
    2nd Floor
    Columbia, MO directions to this event


A Matter of Balance is designed to help adults overcome the fear of falling and increase their activity levels. All too often, a fear of falling prompts older adults to restrict their activities — and may become a self-fulfilling prophecy. A Matter of Balance can empower them to take steps to reduce their chances of a fall. In this program's eight classes, they’ll work with an instructor and other older adults to:

Learn about fall prevention strategies
Develop and follow a personal fall prevention plan
Learn exercises to improve their balance and increase their activity levels
Make or support changes in their daily lives that can reduce their fear of falling

A Matter of Balance Flyer

Register using online link or call Kayla at 573-882-2428. If you have questions or need more information, please contact A Matter of Balance coach Liz Harrison, Nutrition and Health Education Specialist, at [email protected]

Liz Harrison
[email protected]

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