2020 Master Gardener Course


Provides in depth horticulture training for Missourians who wish to spread their knowledge of gardening. Prepares volunteers for horticulture questions frequently asked by citizens around the state, based on unbiased research based gardening information. 

Meets every Wednesday, January 29-April 15; except March 18.

Cost:  $200.00; includes information binder and handouts

Course Objectives

 * To understand the mission of the Missouri Master Gardener Program and how it functions. 

 * To acquire a working knowledge of the fundamental principles of plant growth and development. 

 * To apply concepts of plant growth and development to everyday situations and uses in horticulture. 

 * To learn basic terminology associated with the art and science of horticulture. 

 * To gain an appreciation of horticulture as a life-long pursuit. 

This will be an 11-week course that will cover the following:

 * Plant Structure, Classification and their Environment 

 * Soils Basics 

 * Plant Propagation 

 * Managing Insects 

 * Controlling Diseases 

 * Lawn & Turf 

 * Vegetable Gardening 

 * Landscape Design 

 * Fruit Gardening 

 * Flower Gardening 

 * Trees & Shrubs: Care & Pruning 

Further information:  [email protected] or 636-797-5391 


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