Engineering Entrepreneurship Series

  • Date: July 25, 2018 - Aug. 9, 2018
  • Format: online
This self-paced course series will coach you through the entrepreneurial process related to new product development and innovation. Through these modules, you will learn important skills like customer discovery, market research and how to obtain funding, all of which are important if you want your idea to reach the market. Materials focus on the best practices in each of these areas and explain how to clearly articulate the value of your product. With these skills, you will be better equipped to explain your innovation, attract investors, and convert your product idea into a real business. Topics covered in this course include the business model canvas, customer discovery, value propositions, product/market fit, funding opportunities and secondary market research.

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Presented by the Entrepreneurship and Industry Engagement Unit

Course Syllabus

Before you begin the course, please take a few minutes to review the course syllabus.  In it, you will find important information about the course instructor, structure, policies, activities, assessments and more.  Please post any general questions regarding the syllabus in the "Question Forum" (see syllabus for instructions).





Intellectual Property Notice

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