Missouri's Third Class County Budget Trend Analysis

Download DM4011 Missouri's Third Class County Budget Trend Analysis 1996-2013 (.xlsx)

Judith I. Stallmann
Professor of Community Development Extension
Agricultural and Applied Economics, Rural Sociology and Public Affairs
James Rossi
Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics
A gift from Dr. James Ahrenholz contributed to this project

This electronic workbook enables Missouri third class counties to analyze county fiscal trends from 1996-2013. A county can carry out a detailed study of its own budget and fiscal performance to identify factors contributing to fiscal stress and to consider actions it may want to take. The workbook also allows a county to benchmark itself against a set standard, its own past performance or the record of another county as a gauge of fiscal performance. This workbook requires MS Excel 2007.

For more information about using this workbook read DM4010,Missouri’s Third Class County Budget Trend Analysis: Workbook User’s Manual.