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About the program

The Labor Studies Certificate Program will give current and future union leaders, representatives and activists, the background and skills they need to confront the changing workplace and economy. With a grounding in history, political science, law and economics, you will develop analysis, leadership and organizing skills that will put you on an equal footing with your counterparts in the corporate and political world. By participating in the program, you will earn 18 credit hours toward a degree and receive upon completion a Certificate in Labor Studies verifying your expertise.

Six courses, three credit hours each, will be offered. There will be two per semester, all at convenient times and locations for working people. Courses will be offered through the University of Missouri Video Network as live, two-way interactive video. At some courses, you'll have a teacher in your classroom; at others, the teacher will be on another campus teaching through a two-way television hookup. You may attend classes at the campus closest to you.

Classes will be participatory and will take advantage of new technology to bring students from across the state of Missouri to share experiences and discuss solutions to common problems.

Labor studies certificate

  • Upon completion of the program, in addition to 18 credit hours toward a college degree, you will receive a Certificate in Labor Studies from the University of Missouri.
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  • Develop your skills of advocacy and representation to serve your members more efficiently.
  • Deepen your knowledge of the labor movement - past, present and future.
  • Learn what others are doing across Missouri, the nation and the world to face the challenges posed by downsizing, restructuring and globalization.
  • Hone leadership and organizing skills to speak and motivate, do strategic planning, direct campaigns, increase participation and community involvement.
  • Learn from faculty with labor education expertise using resources from across the state in an interactive environment.
  • Start on or continue that college education you always wanted.

Schedules, fees and registration

For more information on course schedules, fees and how to register, please call the campus nearest you.

University of Missouri-Kansas City
Institute for Labor Studies

University of Missouri-St. Louis
Labor Studies

Check with your employer and union about tuition assistance. Financial aid and loans through the University may also be available.

  • Courses offered
  • Introduction to Labor Studies
  • Labor Law and Legislation
  • US Labor History
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Labor: Power, Policy and the Global Political Economy
  • Labor Leadership and Administration