Newton County


Secretary / Office Support Staff

Job description

The office secretary is an employee of the county’s University of Missouri Extension Council. The office secretary is responsible for a complex variety of secretarial work involving the performance of secretarial duties and some office management for the total county extension program. The Newton County Extension office is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays. Secretaries/Office support staff are employed and paid bi-weekly by the Newton County Extension Council. Annual salary adjustments are not automatic.

Major duties

Support of county extension council

  • Maintain extension council’s financial records.
  • Prepare all council minutes and letters.
  • Maintain council’s files.
  • Mail checks to claimants the day after the Extension Council meets or after signature(s) are on checks. Retain and file copy of all bills in appropriate monthly folders.
  • Prepare quarterly and yearly tax statements.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Council or CES, County Engagement Specialist.

Effective communications

  • Manage incoming telephone calls.
  • Ensure regular distribution of both postal and electronic mail.
  • Ensure mail is posted daily.
  • Ensure that all typing is completed in a timely manner. The appearance of the final typed material must promote a good professional image.
  • Assist with correspondence exams.
  • Handle soil tests, forage lab tests, plant pathology, private pesticide applicators license and pressure canner gauge testing.
  • Cordially and diplomatically assist all office visitors.
  • Maintain a spirit of cooperation with staff; working as a team to accomplish the objectives of Extension.
  • Maintain information flows and messages for specialists.
  • Project a positive image and maintain appropriate office dress attire.

Support of the overall office operation

  • Ensure that the office is opened and closed in accordance with the established schedule.
  • Develop and maintain an effective and systematic filing system.
  • Ensure that an adequate inventory of all necessary office supplies is maintained.
  • Effectively manage and maintain an appropriate inventory of guide sheets, bulletins and other resource material.
  • Manage and maintain an office inventory of all office furniture and equipment.
  • Ensure that the overall appearance of the office area promotes a neat, clean and professional image.
  • Ensure or maintain an up to date county web page following established web guidelines.
  • Weekly cleaning of the office common areas including trash, floors, and bathrooms.

Support of county specialists

  • Assist each staff member with the development and maintenance of program mailing lists.
  • Assist each staff member with development of program materials as required.
  • Prepare newsletters and other materials for mailing.
  • Checking and preparing travel and send to Regional Director by due date.


  • Education equivalent to high school diploma.
  • Ability to learn to use a computer in a variety of applications, including QuickBooks word-processing, mailing, all Microsoft word, office, etc. and other desired skills; Power Point, Excel, and other presentational formats
  • Ability to do accurate typing at 50 words per minute.
  • Excellent proofreading skills.
  • Good communication skills, including the ability to write a good business letter.


  • The county office secretary supports the program efforts of all extension professional and para-professional staff.
  • The regular supervision of the office secretary is provided by the County Program Director in cooperation with the Extension Council.


This position is subject to a 90-day probationary period. At any point during this period, either party can determine that the position is not a fit.

Secretaries/Office support staff are employed and paid bi-weekly by the Newton County Extension Council. Adjustments are determined by the level of appropriations obtained by The Council. Salary adjustments will be made on Jan. 1 or upon approval of County commission funding, of each year if need be. After their probationary period has been satisfactorily completed; staff is eligible for a salary adjustment if budget allows.

To apply

To apply for this position, submit a completed employment application to the MU Extension Center in Newton County.