Vine Weeds of Missouri - Page 7

Japanese honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica)

Japanese honeysuckleJapanese honeysuckle escaped from cultivation and has quickly become a pest of landscapes, thickets and rights-of-way. Its aggressive growth outcompetes native vegetation by vigorous above ground runners and underground rhizomes. Planting of Japanese honeysuckle is not recommended in Missouri because of its ability to choke out shrubs and small trees. The leaves of the plant are opposite and ovate with entire margins. Its stems have a reddish brown coloration and are hairy. The flowers are fragrant and range in color from creamy white to yellow. Although some species of honeysuckle in Missouri have bright red or orange berries, Japanese honeysuckle has black fruit that contains two or three seeds.

Although the plant was originally most frequently encountered in southeast Missouri, it is now scattered throughout the state.