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    Developing a Nonprofit
This five module, sixteen lesson course is designed for board members of nonprofit organizations. The course provides a comprehensive overview for your board, with the goal of helping them to become a more effective and informed guiding force for your organization. Instructors are faculty of University of Missouri Extension with a combined fifty-plus year of working with nonprofit organizations.


 Course Developers and Instructor Information

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Course Information

This course is designed for nonprofit organization board members. Five modules provide a comprehensive overview for your board, helping them to become a more effective and informed guiding force for your organization. Instructors are University of Missouri Extension faculty with fifty-plus years combined experience working with nonprofit organizations.


Assignments & Grades

Handouts are provided for each lesson. We suggest you either print these out or open them on your screen for easy referral prior to starting the lesson.

  • "Test your knowledge" questions are provided throughout the course to help you evaluate your own learning and prepare you for the final completion test.
  • Case studies at the end of each lesson give you an opportunity to apply the content of the lesson to situations commonly faced by board members. Your answers will be reviewed by the instructors, and must be completed before you will be able to access the completion test.
  • At the completion of the course, you will be required to take a completion test. A score of 80% or higher will be required in order to access and print your completion certificate.
  • Additional information can be found on the "Course Information" page.


Technology Assistance & Details

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Network Connection

Most internet service providers can provide adequate speed and connection stability for purposes of this course. If your private residence has some type of wireless internet access in a rural setting, you likely will have difficulties completing activities in this course. We have found that rural/wireless setups have been inconsistent in their network stability and speed, providing a sub-optimal experience.This is not a guaranteed phenomenon so you may not experience any problems, and this likely will not be an issue using a laptop or mobile device in a public area that offers wireless access.University of Missouri Extension does not have any control over an Internet Service Provider's (ISP) ability to provide a stable network environment. So if you have a rural/wireless internet connection it would be a good idea for you to consider finding an alternate location to access course activities.

Virus Protection

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