Vine Weeds of Missouri

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Wild buckwheat (Polygonum convolvulus)

Wild buckwheat
Wild buckwheat

Growth habit

  • Summer annual

Other names

  • Black bindweed


  • Europe

Control classification

  • Moderately easy


  • Before using any any herbicide, read and follow directions on the label accompanying that product. Reference to specific trade names does not imply endorsement by the University of Missouri; discrimination is not intended against similar products.

Wild buckwheat

Wild buckwheat resembles morningglories in its heart-shaped, alternate leaves. A member of the Polygonaceae (smartweed) family, wild buckwheat has ocreas at the base of leaf petioles while morningglories do not.

The plant may also be confused with bindweeds because of the basal lobes on the leaves. However, wild buckwheat's lobes point inward while those of bindweeds are directed outward. Wild buckwheat lacks hairs on its stems and leaves. Because of their greenish white color, flowers are not very noticeable.

Scattered throughout Missouri, wild buckwheat is a weed of landscapes and agronomic crops.

Wild thing

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